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Oral Health

Tooth decay is the most common oral disease affecting children and young people in England, yet it is largely preventable.

Poor oral health can affect children and young people’s ability to sleep, eat, speak, play, and socialise with other children. Other impacts include pain, infections, poor diet, and impaired nutrition and growth.


Oral health is an integral part of overall health. When children are not healthy, this affects their ability to learn, thrive and develop. Horsted Keynes Preschool works to promote oral health and create oral health awareness for the children in our care.

  • We support children to remove the fear factor about toothbrushing through role-play experiences and story time to help children understand the importance of oral health and remove the anxiety around going to the dentist.

  • We receive visits from dentists to support children’s understanding and learning about oral health.

  • Only milk and water are offered to the children throughout the day to promote healthy oral hygiene.

  • Parents are offered support and are encouraged to establish a regular toothbrushing routine at home. Parents can access information and advice about toothbrushing and oral health from preschool.

  • Parents are asked to provide details of the family dentist as well as doctors on registration forms and children’s two-year progress checks.

For more information, please click on the leaflets below:

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