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The Committee / Trustees

Hi, we are a group who help to oversee the Preschool, in much the same way as a Board of Governors does for a school.

We employ the team to run the Preschool on our behalf and help with financial and policy decisions. We are not responsible for day-to-day operations; that responsibility lies with the Manager/team.

The way we run ourselves as a Committee is governed by our Constitution which is available on request. 

We are composed of a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer, as well as various other parents. We meet half-termly.

Membership of the Committee provides:

  • Opportunities to help the Preschool.

  • Insight into the way that Early Years settings are run.

  • Experience of managing a charity.

  • Fun and friendship.

The Committee members are responsible for:

  • Managing the setting's finances

  • Employing and managing the team

  • Making sure that the setting has, and works to, policies that help it to provide a high-quality service.

  • Making sure that the setting works in partnership with the children's parents.

  • Contains our nominated person.

  • Fundraising.

  • Making sure there are available funds for such things as equipment and training .

Good communication between the Committee and staff team is crucial to the smooth running of Preschool and so at least one member of staff attends each Committee meeting.  One Committee member (currently the chair) is designated as staff liaison officer and meets regularly with staff to discuss curricular planning, up and coming events and any problems that might occur.

Trustees have in the past gone on to be members of the Primary School Board of Governors or the boards of other charities.

Parents are actively encouraged to become part of the Committee. Working in partnership ensures your child’s first educational experiences outside of home are rich and fulfilling.

A primary function of the preschool Committee is fundraising. We are a charity Preschool and depend on fundraising to purchase up to date resources for our children. Parental involvement is vital to the success of enjoyable fundraisers, like our Super Sunday, Scootathon and  our Christmas raffle!

All members of the Committee are required to pass a DBS check.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in the Autumn term and this is when the Committee for the following year is elected.  Parents / carers will be informed in good time so they are able to attend.

Every family joining our setting will automatically receive a family membership. This means that you will count as a member of our Preschool and are entitled to one vote each at any 'General Meeting'. 

Please contact us if you would like to join or know more.​


Co-Chairperson- Emma Newton

Co-Chairperson - Sonja Graham

Admin / Nominated Person - Rebecca Barnard

Secretary - Rebecca Barnard

Treasurer - Samuel Hill


Harriet Lebus

Mark Simmons

Mark Wallwork

Sophie Bognar

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