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Communication and Language Development

“The child begins to perceive the world not only through his eyes but also through his speech"


The development of children’s spoken language underpins all seven areas of learning and development. Children’s back-and-forth interactions from an early age form the foundations for language and cognitive development. The number and quality of the conversations they have with adults and peers throughout the day in a language-rich environment is crucial.


At Horsted Keynes Preschool we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Communication and language development is about the following:


  • Enabling children to develop their listening, attention and understanding

  • Enabling children to develop their speaking

  • Promoting children's enjoyment of books, and literature

  • Developing children's early writing skills through meaningful and relevant experiences

  • Using language to articulate thinking

  • Fostering an enjoyment of rhyme and alliteration

If you have any questions, please contact Clare Humphreys, our manager. Please refer to our Communication and language development policy for more details.

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