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Fundraising Events

As we are a charity, and to be able to provide a great service for your little ones, we need to raise an extra amount of money each year on top of the fees. Each year the committee and staff work really hard to put on fun events for all of the community to enjoy, to achieve these extra funds.

We are always looking for new committee members and by volunteering you can be part of the management of Preschool.  If you don’t feel that you can commit to joining the committee, there are lots of fundraising ways you could help, such as helping set up/clear away events, donate required items, offer a few hours to man a stall at events etc.

During the year we have annual events which have proved very popular with the community, and these are our core fundraisers.

Cahagnes society visit

The Cahagnes society runs the twinning arrangements with a village in France (Cahagnes). Preschool works with the Cahagnes society on some fundraising events and tries to support their initiatives. Families from Horsted Keynes go over to France, stay for a weekend with host Families and join in with French activities. The following year French families come over to Horsted Keynes and are hosted by families in the village. Group activities are planned for each day.


In addition, there will be dinners and events that you can be involved in when the French come to Horsted Keynes and a group from Preschool will be attending the gala dinner – feel free to join us.

The Village walk

This is a village wide sponsored walk from Brighton to Horsted Keynes. Anyone can join the walk and raise money for the charity of their choice. People choosing to walk for us, meet either in the village and get a taxi to Brighton, or make their own way to Brighton. They then walk back to Horsted Keynes, stopping for drinks and a picnic on the way. This is a wonderful way to meet new people, and is a very friendly and social occasion. We also have a good contingent raising money for the Preschool.


For this event we always need:

  • Volunteers to raise money and walk

  • Sponsors to sponsor the walkers

Horse racing on the Green

No, there aren’t real horses involved in this event!

This is a great event for all the family and your friends, run by Preschool and the Cahagnes Society. People purchase wooden “horses” which are then moved, by a spin of a wheel, down the “track” on the Green. Children are the “jockeys” and hold the horses, each child moves along the track by the number of steps that the spinner indicates. People can place bets on which horse will win and the winnings are then shared out with the winners.


There’s a bar and a BBQ and it’s a lovely, family friendly evening


For this event we are always needing:

  • Help setting up/packing away

  • Volunteers to man the BBQ

Village Cricket Match

Preschool Dads form a team, and get sponsorship, and play a match against the Horsted Keynes village cricket team.  It's a day for all the family, with great food, drinks, and children’s entertainment. It provides a great opportunity for new families at Preschool to meet other families and for the children to make new friends.

For this event we need:

  • Dads to play for the team and get sponsorship, or match-funding from their company if possible.

  • Help setting up/packing away

  • Homemade cakes and bakes for the Tea stall

  • People to help in the food & drinks marquee

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