Children's Voice

At Horsted Keynes preschool, we understand the importance of allowing children to have a voice.

Allowing children to speak and be heard is a basic right as stated by the United Nations and promotes their self-esteem and self-worth. We give children a voice through choice, opinion, feelings, and emotions so that they can develop and learn that they are important and valued. Feeling valued plays, a large role in how a child learns.

We enable children to feel confident at Preschool through letting them know that their voice and way of explorations will be noted. This allows them to play and explore, actively learn, and critically think.

We asked our children for their views and ideas.


Good things about Horsted Keynes Preschool
  • Trains

  • Monkeys

  • My teachers

  • Messy things

  • Playing with my friends

  • Doing Jolly phonics

  • Cutting paper

  • Making things

  • Playing

  • Painting

  • Reading books

  • Water play

  • Walks and adventures

  • Kind big people

  • Tools

  • Cars

  • Sand


What we could do better


  • Visits

  • Walks

  • Drawing

  • Writing